Microchip Pet Identification

A microchip is a small electronic device approximately the size and shape of a grain of rice.  It is implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades where it will stay for your pet’s entire life.  Implanting the microchip is as simple as an injection, just like a vaccine.  It can be done on a routine office visit.  Here at Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital we use the AVID microchip system.  Each microchip is encoded with a unique number.  Once implanted, owners register that number and their contact information with the AVID registry.  The number encoded in the chip is read with a hand-held scanner that is passed over your pet.  Most shelters and veterinary hospitals have scanners.  If your pet becomes lost and turns up at a shelter or veterinary hospital, the microchip can be scanned.  AVID can then contact you with your pet’s location.