Pet Services

Looking for veterinary services in Parkersburg?

Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas:

  • Pet wellness and vaccination programs to prevent illnesses
  • Animal medical services for diagnosing and treating health conditions
  • Pet surgery including spay and neuter
  • Pet dental cleanings and treatment to avoid serious dental diseases
  • And many more

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in Parkersburg, contact us.

Ancillary Services

Ancillary services include a broad array of services that supplement or support the care provided by our Hospital, Staff and Veterinarians. Unlike online pet pharmacies, Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital can provide full manufacturer's guarantees if your pet has a problem with…

Board & Groom

Our facility offers a large amount of space of Boarding for our clients. While your pets are boarding with us they will be walked several times a day, will be loved, and cared for by our Boarding Staff. After a…

Diagnostic Services

To ensure a proper diagnosis, we need to examine your pet. We begin a medical assessment by looking at your pet’s eyes, ears, and skin and checking his or her cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, and skeletal systems for any abnormalities. We…

Internal Medicine

The staff at Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital strive to provide outstanding medical care for your pet in a compassionate and loving environment. We are committed to medical excellence and pride ourselves on open communication with every client. We understand that you…

Wellness Care

A regular physical examination is just as important for your pet as it is for you. Our veterinarians recommend annual physical examinations, although additional exams may be needed for some pets. During a physical examination, we carefully examine your pet's…