Board & Groom

Our facility offers a large amount of space of Boarding for our clients. While your pets are boarding with us they will be walked several times a day, will be loved, and cared for by our Boarding Staff. After a 3 day stay we offer a complimentary bath prior to going home. We have 2 Professional Groomers that offer shave downs, baths, and lion cuts for furry friends with a scheduled appointment.

  • Grooming Your Pet

    Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital offers bathing and professional grooming services for both dogs and cats. Full service baths include use of premium shampoo, brush out, ear cleaning, and nail trims. Full…

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    Boarding Your Pet

    Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital offers complete boarding facilities for clients and their pets. Our guests are comfortable with indoor facilities and taken for outings several times a day.¬†We even have a…