Ancillary Services

Ancillary services include a broad array of services that supplement or support the care provided by our Hospital, Staff and Veterinarians. Unlike online pet pharmacies, Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital can provide full manufacturer's guarantees if your pet has a problem with the medication. You will also find that our prices for most popular products are competitive or less expensive than the online or mail order pharmacies. We hope that your trust in us and our ability to recommend the product which best suits your pet are considerations when purchasing your medications. If you need to have your medications ready when you arrive, please call and leave a message on our pharmacy line.

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    Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital offers an array of the most modern veterinary pharmaceuticals, including those for treating heart disease, skin disorders, arthritis, intestinal problems, parasites and hormonal diseases. We have a…

  • Arthritis Pain Management and Control

    Arthritis is a common ailment in both dogs and cats, whether due to chronic orthopedic conditions such as hip dysplasia, or part of the natural aging process. Fortunately we offer…