Here at Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital our Veterinarians highly recommended Hill’s Science Diet foods for cats and dogs as a daily nutritional meal. Hill’s Science Diet offers a 100% guarantee on their products and spends years of research prior to the production of any of their foods.

The right food can make a big difference in your pet’s health. That’s why we offer a wide variety of specialty and therapeutic diets for all lifestages and disease conditions. We also carry special supplements for general wellness and for acute and chronic disease conditions.

All too many pets have trouble shedding extra pounds. Like their human counterparts, too many treats, people food instead of good balanced pet foods, and not enough exercise can lead to excessive weight gain. Unfortunately, those extra pounds can have far-reaching effects on your pet’s health. Please allow our veterinarians to help devise a weight loss plan for your pet through diet and exercise. We now carry Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution which also offers a low-calorie treat.

If your pet is at risk for dental disease, we have diets, chews, and treats that can help keep his or her gums and teeth healthier by controlling plaque and tartar.

Giant breeds such as Great Danes, Irish wolfhounds, and giant schnauzers have unique dietary requirements. Very few commercial puppy foods offer the ideal mix of calcium, energy, and protein levels that these breeds need. We can provide you with feeding recommendations that will encourage your dog’s maximum growth potential without causing developmental problems.  These foods can be ordered for your pet.

We’d be happy to recommend a diet for your pet. Veterinary consultation is required for our prescription diet foods and our supplements. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs.

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Science Diet

Hill’s Science Diet healthy diet dog food offers clinically proven benefits that promote vitality and well being at any age of life style with a full range of precisely balanced products. Hill’s Science Diet dog foods are also created with all nutrients in the optimal range for your dog.

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Prescription Food Diet

Hill’s Prescription Diet is highly recommended in an unfortunate time where your pet may be diagnosed with a medical condition where your veterinarian would recommend a particular prescription dog or cat food based on your pets diagnosis.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your pet’s nutrition or if you would simply like to discuss this topic with us.