Hospital Manager



Our hospital manager is responsible for coordinating all aspects of our hospital’s operations. These operations include personnel management, training, overseeing daily operations, staff scheduling, compliance, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and facility maintenance. Ceinwen also assists the doctors in establishing and maintaining protocols that support our mission. Ceinwen is also our lead technician which allows her to work directly with the animals and clients.

Client Services Representatives

Client service representatives are the customer relations experts for our hospital. They are responsible for greeting clients, answering phones and providing general information. They schedule appointments, enter data into the computer, process payments and manage medical records. They have compassion for our clients and their pets and understand the stresses that ill patients and their owner occasionally endure.

Veterinary Technicians

Our veterinary technicians have a broad knowledge of animal science, medicine and husbandry. They assist with pre-exams, perform laboratory tests, take radiographs, monitor hospitalized pets, assist in surgery and perform dental cleanings under the doctors’ supervision. Our veterinary technicians provide compassionate nursing care for our patients

Hospital Staff

With over 50 years combined experience working at Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital, our hospital staff is responsible for the day-to-day care of hospitalized patients. They feed, clean, and monitor the well-being of all . They are observant, gentle and compassionate animal lovers.

Boarding Staff

Our boarding staff takes care of all your pet’s needs while they are with us. They are in charge of walking, feeding, cleaning, providing attention and play time. They are kind, caring, and patient animal lovers.

Part Timers

Our part timers come in after school and on weekends to help take care of hospitalized and boarding patients. They can be seen walking, feeding, cleaning, assisting the technicians, hospital and boarding staff and playing with the pets.